Raising Employability of Women through entrepreneurial Activities fostering Rural Development


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The project aims at raising employability of women through entrepreneurial activities fostering rural development.

Entrepreneurship has been identified as a new opportunity for women to deliver alternative services to broaden and diversify the scope of their activities, and their role in society with a positive effect on social inclusion, poverty and economic development in rural areas.

Women have a specific and empowering role in the development of multifunctional farming activities. With the modernisation of rural areas, women are sometimes marginalised in farm management. This project hopes to pave the way for integrated and new business activities within rural areas. Whilst underlining the importance of farming and its contributions to rural areas, multifunctional farming is a sector that offers opportunities for integrating heritage values into strategies for economic and social sustainability of rural areas.

REWARD is an EU-funded Erasmus+ project that began in November 2018. The project will analyse the circumstances of rural women in Europe and create training materials in order to provide them with the tools to manage a wide range of multifunctional activities that relate to agriculture and rural cultural heritage.

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While women do still experience #barriers to acceptance in agricultural societies, they are finding ways around them

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This #WorldFoodDay, we praise farmers and all those involved in food production for their efforts in feeding our growing population

Inventive ideas for increasing food production without damaging the environment are essential to continue fighting food poverty and starvation

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